Who is the course for?

  • Teaching & Support Staff

    If you have to use a PA system for assemblies and school functions then this course will show you what each component does and help you set the PA system up and use it

  • Houses of Worship

    Very often houses of worship rely on members of the congregation or leadership team to operate their sound systems, this course will help those people with no background is sound to operate the sound system sucessfully

  • Musicians and Performers

    Solo musicians and performers who travel by themselves with no technical backup can learn the components of a sound system and how to set one up themselves

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • About this course
    • Tell me a little about you and sound systems
  • 02
    What makes a sound system
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    • The building blocks
    • Stereo vs Mono
    • Common connectors
    • A quick quiz to round off part 1
  • 03
    Practical matters
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    • Positioning the equipment and the audience
    • Introducing mixer controls
    • Yamaha MG166 Console Mixer
    • Yamaha MG24/14 FX
  • 04
    Bringing it together
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    • Any questions?
    • One last survey .....

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